A totally homogenous floor slab with reduced environmental impact


Twintec applies steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) technologies to deliver a wide range of flooring products.

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Freeplan E®

Jointless SFRC floors with improved technical performance and reduced environmental impact.

The Freeplan E® floor reuses steel cord from tyres in floor slab construction to produce steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) - all the benefits of the Freeplan® floor plus a reduced environmental impact.

Tyre cross-sectionThe construction industry in the UK accounts for the use of 295 million tonnes of virgin materials per year. Twintec is committed to developing sustainable solutions to floor slab design as a fundamental part of business practice. The development and introduction of the R-AFT fibre as a standard offering demonstrates Twintec’s drive to minimize the environmental impact of design and contracting operations.


Environmental Benefits

Objectives Indicators Impact Comment
Improved environmental
Greenhouse gas emissions CO2 96.5% 50, 55 or 60mm
Methane 99.0% 50, 55 or 60mm
Reduction of dangerous substances Irritant/corrosive 100% Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen sulphide, NO2
Toxic 100% Mercury, lead, chronium, cadmium etc from smelting process
Better use of
natural resources
Reduced resource consumption (excluding energy)   100%  
Water Reduced water consumption 100% Used to quench new steel production
Energy Reduced energy consumption 96.5%  

‘New’ steel fibres (based on 500,000 tonnes PA):

  • Uses 10 million GJ of energy
  • Releases about 1 million tonnes of CO2
  • Plus impact of international manufacturing bases


  • Uses 98% less energy
  • Releases less CO2
  • Local manufacture and distribution

Freeplan E Summary®

  • Very high strength wire

  • Increased distribution helps to control crack initiation

  • Optimum performance from hybrid blends

  • Tested in accordance with latest design guidance

  • Significant environmental benefits

  • Tried and tested solution