The leading solution for steel fibre reinforced concrete ground floor slabs suspended on piles.


Twintec applies steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) technologies to deliver a wide range of flooring products.

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Freeplan S®

Jointless SFRC floors suspended on piles

With Freeplan S, Twintec has established itself as a market leader in the development of new suspended floor slab processes and technologies required to achieve high performing floor slabs on poor ground.

Our comprehensive (and free) design service is delivered by professional engineers who are able to identify and advise on the best solution for your project, including details such as pile types, pile spacing and other interfaces such edge beams.

Based on these designs, and employing concrete reinforced with structural steel fibres that have been specially developed and tested for structural applications and with dosage ranges from 40-50 kg/m3, we are able to produce high performance floor slabs supported on piles, as well as complex foundations in SFRC concrete, without the need for additional rebar or heavy steel mesh.

Dry-shake Topping

A dry-shake topping is applied to all Twintec
SFRC jointless floors.

A factory blended dry-shake topping incorporating ultra-durable aggregates, cement and pigment. A dry-shake topping creates a superior hard-wearing surface with abrasion resistance up to 20 times that of quality powder floated concrete. The result is a low-maintenance, long-life jointless floor that will probably outlast the building.


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