A totally homogenous floor slab with panel sizes up to 2,000m2


Twintec applies steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) technologies to deliver a wide range of flooring products.

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Jointless SFRC floors

The Freeplan® floor is cast in large areas using steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) but without the need for induced contraction joints.*

“An ideal floor would be perfectly flat, level and have no joints.”
UK Concrete Society TR34; third edition 2003

The use of proven design methods, the mastering of concrete behaviour, the understanding of SFRC technology and the constant monitoring of the production process allows Twintec to guarantee the delivery of a totally homogenous floor slab with panel sizes of up to 2,000m2 (subject to concrete quality and availability)

Contraction joints will be required at the edge of each pour, given the practical limits on the area of floor that can be constructed at any one time.



High dosages of steel fibres mixed uniformly through the concrete redistributes the shrinking stresses through the drying phase, eliminating the need for saw-cut induced contraction joints – the only joints required are those at the perimeter of each pour.

Reduced maintenance cost

Joints are the biggest cause of floor problems – fewer joints = less maintenance and higher MHE efficiency

Reduced programme time

No steel reinforcement necessary in advance of works

Reduced risk

Reinforcement is always in the right place, and the quality control process is significantly simplified

Improved tolerances

SFRC delivers reduced plastic settlement and therefore improved flatness.


Slab thickness reduced and cement replacement used

Health and safety

Trip hazards are eliminated because traditional reinforcement is not required in the concrete


Cost advantages from increased output, thinner slabs and no requirement for remedial grinding

Dry-shake Topping

A dry-shake topping is applied to all Twintec
SFRC jointless floors.

A factory blended dry-shake topping incorporating ultra-durable aggregates, cement and pigment. A dry-shake topping creates a superior hard-wearing surface with abrasion resistance up to 20 times that of quality powder floated concrete. The result is a low-maintenance, long-life jointless floor that will probably outlast the building.