Achieving high operational yields
in very narrow aisle (VNA) environments.


Twintec applies steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) technologies to deliver a wide range of flooring products.

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High tolerance SFRC jointless floors

For VNA (very narrow aisle) applications, the Twinplan® high tolerance floor slabs deliver all the advantages of our unique Freeplan® concept, but with the additional features required to achieve high operational yields.

VNA storage is an extreme application for industrial flooring. This is both in terms of loading and trafficking high loads, and in terms of the extreme flatness and levelness criteria laid out in the relevant industry standards.

Essential parts of the design process include the early identification of storage systems, the likely vehicle types and the likely traffic movements. From these, Twintec engineers can specify the most appropriate flatness tolerance and construction methodology, delivering floors in two types:

Free movement – where traffic can travel randomly; or Defined movement – where vehicles use very narrow, fixed and unchanging paths.

While most warehouses combine these two, this should be clearly defined in advance of casting works in order to produce the most suitable finish.

By working with all parties to correctly identify all of these requirements and tolerances, we can then produce those tolerances without the need for remedial grinding.

Dry-shake Topping

A dry-shake topping is applied to all Twintec
SFRC jointless floors.

A factory blended dry-shake topping incorporating ultra-durable aggregates, cement and pigment. A dry-shake topping creates a superior hard-wearing surface with abrasion resistance up to 20 times that of quality powder floated concrete. The result is a low-maintenance, long-life jointless floor that will probably outlast the building.