Improves overall life cost of the floor, easy to clean off tyre marks and will not chip or flake over time.


Twintec applies steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) technologies to deliver a wide range of flooring products.

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Twintec PLUS®

Performance 'jointless' concrete flooring with surface enhancer.

Highly ReflectiveLow maintenence, durable, highly-reflective - all the benefits of a Freeplan, Twinplan or Ultimate floor PLUS a surface enhancer.

How does it work?

Twintec grind off the micro roughness of the surface prior to applying a water based densifier that penetrates and reacts with the free lime within the concrete surface binding all the particles together. This chemical reaction produces a denser concrete surface, that reduces abrasion wear, reduces dust formation and offers increased resistance to oils, greases and chemicals.

Wet polishing follows the application of the densifier to create a smooth finish prior to the application of a protective concrete sealer to reduce permeability of the concrete. The sealer is water and oil repellent and protects against ingress of water, oil and grease.

The floor is then dry polished for a high gloss, highly reflective finish.

PLUS® is Low Maintenance & Cost Effective

Improves overall life cost of the floor, easy to clean off tyre marks and will not chip or flake over time.

PLUS® is Durable

Will not just dramatically improve the appearance of the concrete floor, but also increase the hardness, density and have a higher abrasion resistance.

PLUS® is Environmentally Credible

A justifiable sustainable flooring option as utilises materials already present in the concrete. An environmentally friendly solution due to the high reflectivity of the floor surface. It will help to reduce electricity consumption and significantly lower output of Co2.

PLUS® Summary

  • Enhances appearance, strength & abrasion resistance

  • Lower maintenence costs

  • Easy tyre mark removal

  • Reduction in electricity consumption due to high reflectivity

  • Will not peel, chip or flake

  • Antislip - DIN51131 - valuation SAFE

  • Water & oil penetration reduced by 90% (DIN 52617, DIN EN 150 15148)