Proven production methods, experienced personnel
and specially adapted equipment and tools.


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The delivery of Twintec products relies upon properly specified raw materials, proven production methods, experienced personnel and specially adapted equipment and tools.

Final regulating layer

Twintec carries out the final regulating layer preparation using laser controlled equipment which remains on site for the duration of the works. This delivers very accurate tolerances (+/- 5mm) and provides the platform for the floor slab casting process.

Joint installation

Joints are always the greatest cause of problems in modern warehouses. In advance of concrete works, metal armoured joints with heavy duty load transfer systems are installed at the perimeter of every day’s work. The chosen joints are durable, low in maintenance cost and located (as far as possible) in low traffic zones.

Steel fibre integration

The integration of steel fibres into the concrete is carried out on site using trained operators and the latest third-generation fibre integration machines. Superplasticiser is added to the concrete, and then the machines separate and orientate the fibres and introduce them into the plasticized concrete, guaranteeing uniform distribution.

Laserscreed levelling

Twintec use flood pour techniques with large areas of concrete placed and levelled in one day using a laserscreed machine. Areas up to 2000m2 per day are achievable.

Dry shake topping

Created from a course carborundum-based blend of aggregates, Twintec applies the dry shake topping shortly after the concrete has been placed and initially levelled. This not only suppresses the fibres in the matrix of the slab, but also adds a significant layer of additional material with outstanding abrasion resistance.

Rectification and mechanical trowelling

While the concrete is still plastic, Twintec measures the surface in relation to the specified tolerance and reworks the surface until the specialist tolerance is achieved. Experienced operators with state-of-the-art equipment flatten and densify the surface. Twintec deliver the highest flatness tolerances to meets the users requirements